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The Finest Coco Peat & Coir-based products.

Sri Lanka’s No.1 Leading Supplier of Coco Products.

Since 2008, we have been upholding International Standards and exceeding our clients' expectations in order to become Sri Lanka's most dependable and finest Coco-Peat based Coco Product Supplier.


Products delivered to our customers around the globe.


More than 170 Large Scale Plantations worldwide currently using our products!


14,000 home growers have chosen our products!

Our Products

What is Coco Peat


Coco peat is made from coconut husks. As the first step, the entire coconut husks are soaked with water and the fibers removed at the factory for the coir-based products.

Lush Greenery Lanka Exporters Lush Greenery Lanka Exporters


Then, after removing the fibers, the residual coir pith is known as “coco peat” and is used in our Coco-Peat products.

The Features & Advantages!

100% Natural & Organic

100% Recyclable

Eco Friendly & Odorless

Good Drainage & Aeration

pH 5.4 – 6.8 Range

Promotes Strong Root Growth

Great Water Absorption

Boosts the Harvest

As a professional landscaper, I'm always looking for sustainable and high-quality products for my clients. That's why I love Lush Greenery Lanka Exporters and their coco peat bricks. The coir fiber is nutrient-rich and easy to work with, and my clients' gardens are flourishing.

Alice ThompsonLandscape Design Manager, Green Oasis Landscaping

I'm a hydroponic enthusiast and have tried many different growing media over the years. I'm happy to say that coco peat grow bags from Lush Greenery Lanka Exporters are my new go-to. The moisture retention and drainage are perfect for my system, and I appreciate the eco-friendliness of the product.

Tom SmithHydroponics Hobbyist

As a small-scale farmer, I appreciate the cost-effectiveness and versatility of coco peat blocks. They're easy to transport and store, and my plants love the excellent drainage and aeration they provide. I'm grateful to Lush Greenery Lanka Exporters for providing such a high-quality product.

Jack GrahamOwner of Harmony Farms

As a commercial greenhouse owner, I've been looking for a sustainable and affordable alternative to traditional soil. Husk chip blocks from Lush Greenery Lanka Exporters have exceeded my expectations. They provide excellent aeration and drainage, and my plants are thriving. Thank you, Lush Greenery Lanka Exporters!

Maria RodriguezCEO, Sunflower Greenhouses

I live in an apartment and only have a small balcony for gardening. Coco peat open top bags from Lush Greenery Lanka Exporters are the perfect solution for me. They're lightweight and easy to move, and my plants love the nutrient-rich coir fiber. I'll definitely be purchasing from Lush Greenery Lanka Exporters again.

John LeeUrban Gardener

Frequently asked questions

What is Lush Greenery Lanka Exporters?

Lush Greenery Lanka Exporters is a company that specializes in the export of horticultural products like coco peat, husk chips, and grow bags under international standards.

Where is the Company located?

Lush Greenery Lanka Exporters (Pvt) Ltd. is located in Sri Lanka, a tropical island in South Asia. The company is strategically located in the heart of the coconut triangle of Sri Lanka were the best raw materials available. For more information please visit our “About Us” or “Contact Us” pages.

What products does the company offer?

Lush Greenery Lanka Exporters offers a variety of horticultural products, including coco peat blocks, husk chip blocks, grow bags, and open-top bags. We are also ready to customize the products under customer requirements. Please visit our products page for more information.

Are the company's products organic?

Yes, all of Lush Greenery Lanka Exporters’ products are organic and made from natural, renewable resources.

How do I place an order?

To place an order, simply go to a product’s page and send us an inquiry from that page, or you can contact us directly through the contact us page.

What are the shipping options for the products?

We offers worldwide shipping for all of our products. Shipping costs and delivery times will vary depending on your location.