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Specially designed for household growing!

Finest coco peat bricks 123

Our Coco Peat Bricks (Briquettes) are ideal for growing flowers, vegetables, soft fruits, and herbs in commercial and residential settings. These peat bricks are a fantastic potting mixture and soil conditioner, providing the optimal balance of water retention and drainage.

100% Natural & Organic

Eco Friendly & Odorless

Good Drainage & Aeration

We take satisfaction in using modern, advanced compression equipment to produce homogeneous, high-quality Coco Peat Bricks at our company. Each brick weighs 650g (Dry weight) and dimensions 20 x 10 x 5.5 cm (L x W x H cm), making them lightweight and portable.

These bricks are ideal for home gardeners wishing to grow a few plants on their balcony or professional farmers looking to produce high-quality products. They are simple to use and adaptable, and when used as a soil amendment or potting mix, they produce outstanding results.



Washed / Semi-Washed / Unwashed

EC Level

0.2ms/cm - 1.0ms/cm [1:5 (v/v) Extract with Water]

pH Level

5.4 - 6.8 pH units


14 – 21%


9-10 ltr/brick. Very low Sodium, Magnesium & Chloride Levels.


650g (Dry weight)


20 cm x 10 cm x 5.5 cm (L x W x H)


We manufacture “Coco Peat Bricks” using carefully selected materials and blends, including:

  • Coco peat mixed with crushed husk chips.
  • 100% finely sieved and uniformed coco peat.
  • Coco peat blended with cut fiber.

Please don’t hesitate to make an inquiry if you need to customize the blends with your own formula.

Coco Peat Bricks


Depending on your needs, we can provide Coco Peat Bricks with or without specific packaging. If you want to sell our Coco Peat Bricks in local stores or supermarkets, you can create your own label.

We can print the label, shrink wrap it, and pack it in corrugated boxes based on your specifications.

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